The confidentiality of your personal data is one of the main concerns within the agency Excellent Match Job SRL, based in Botosani. Strada Victoriei 1A, Postcode: 710245, Botoșani, Romania, as data operator.


This paragraph is intended to inform you about the processing of your personal data, in the context of using the website

Your privacy is important to us

At Excellent Match Job SRL we are aware of the importance of protecting your personal data, guaranteeing security and transparency in this process. We do everything necessary to process your personal data in a responsible manner, in accordance with applicable data protection law. This applies to all countries where Excellent Match Job SRL operates

The privacy statement describes our general privacy policy that governs the personal data we collect, use and transmit, visitor data and website users (, and the applicants who apply to certain vacancies, of the (potential) candidates, the candidates placed and / or re-placed, of the internal employees of the agency (Excellent Match Job SRL), of the employees or the suppliers, beneficiaries and other business relations, as well as the employees of other organizations with which Excellent Match Job SRL has a contractual business relationship. The privacy statement clearly and explicitly indicates how we process your personal data

Who we are?

Excellent Match Job SRL has the responsibility of processing the personal data contained in this privacy statement.

Excellent Match Job SRL is registered with the Trade Register: J7 / 46608-11-2016, and is headquartered in Botoșani, at the address below:


Excellent Match Job SRL

Victoriei Street 1A

Postcode: 710245

Botosani, Romania


T: +40 758 850 520



Excellent Match Job SRL is also registered with ANSPDCP in Romania (National Supervisory Authorities for Personal Data Processing) under number 7367 of March 31, 2017.

From whom do we collect data?

Excellent Match Job SRL agency processes your personal data in order to provide you with the services offered and / or because you provide us with this data yourself.


We collect personal data of:

The information received / transmitted is processed:

  • with your consent

  • to be able to properly execute the placement offer / contract and / or terms of use agreed with you.

  • From the moment you provide us your data, by filling in a form, by submitting a candidacy (CV) or the registration by which you request our services, we process the data made available. That is why we only provide you with accurate and relevant information.

Your personal data is collected for the following purposes:

  • to be able to respond to applications or requests after you have previously filled out a form for this purpose or sent your data by CV

  • the possibility of giving you information about our services and the possibility of collaboration in this regard

  • to send you our offers and / or other information that may be of interest to you.

  • to process or respond to your feedback or complaints so we can improve our services and work strategy.

   2. Candidates applying for certain vacancies, (potential) candidates, candidates placed and / or re-placed, internal employees of the agency (Excellent Match Job SRL), employees of suppliers, beneficiaries and other business relationships, such as and of employees of other organizations with which Excellent Match Job SRL has a contractual business relationship.

We process the personal data necessary for the services we provide. We collect and process your personal data exclusively for the purpose of our human resources and recruitment services, which include mediation, temporary work, secondment, recruitment & selection, personal development and integration, reintegration, career counseling, consulting, planning and administration of personnel and wages. Without this data we cannot offer our services.

We process the information collected / received:

  • in order to be able to properly execute the contract and / or the terms of use agreed with you.

  • to comply with legal obligations

  • to be able to communicate with you (correctly, transparently and efficiently);

  • to make offers and / or to provide you with information about our services and other useful information

  • to process or respond to your feedback or complaints, so that we can improve our services and work strategy

  • to improve our services; for training purposes, interviews and we inform you about it in advance

  • to be able to check the profile you are applying for and your availability for permanent or temporary employment to form an overview of the companies you can be employed for or how we can support or advise you in finding a job.

  • to plan as much as possible based on your wishes and availability and the possibilities / requests of our partner

  • to establish and maintain a relationship of employment or intermediation with staff and to deal with the relevant administrative steps in this regard;

  • to take the necessary actions and administrative formalities

  • for processing certain function-related data in a screening prior to employment

  • if we have concluded a contract of employment / intermediation of personnel with you, in order to comply with the legislation and regulations in force, including but not limited to the obligation of identification, labor law, tax and social insurance legislation, fraud prevention legislation and national law and international sanctions

Additional data may be desirable in order to better tailor our services to your needs, skills and / or availability or to respond to specific requests

The personal data we collect and how we use it (for people who want to use or those who already use our recruitment services) are:

  • Name surname

  • Marital status

  • Email or other contact details

  • Date of birth

  • Professional experience

  • Education, qualifications, skills

  • ID card

  • Criminal record

  • Bank IBAN code (for transferring your salary)

  • Name and telephone number of contact persons in case of emergency

  • Information from the letters of recommendation of former employers

  • Sensitive data on physical health


We can obtain personal data from the following sources:

  • Directly from you

  • Another candidate who recommends you

  • Recruitment sites / platforms

  • Social networking sites: LinkedIn, Facebook

  • Interview

  • Phone conversations or Skype calls

  • Our site

If we have obtained your data from a third party, it is our policy to inform you the source when we communicate with you for the first time.


Your rights

At Excellent Match Job SRL, we take the protection of your personal data very seriously and it is very important for us to communicate your rights in this context:

  • You have the right to update your data in case they have changed or are transmitted incorrectly

  • You have the right to inform yourself and ask questions regarding the processing and protection of your data.

  • You have the right to request the deletion of data: when you withdraw your consent

  • You have the right to carry your data between operators

  • You have the right to stop processing or data transfer

Keep in mind that if you exercise the right to request the deletion of data or to cease any processing activities, we may keep a record of this request and of the actions taken both to demonstrate our compliance and to take measures to minimize the possibility that any data to be processed in the future, in case these data will be received again from a third party source.


For any other questions, please contact us at

or on the phone number 0758 850 520